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    Every day, you offer your clients personalized service and deliver the high-impact outcomes that they desire. It's time for you to expect the same level of care for your professional business. PERKSONA is a curated marketplace that caters to the unique needs of your business, whether you're in law, IT, human resources, or land surveying. Enjoy a customized selection of valuable PERKS — you can even take out merchant offers for a test drive!
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    We've carefully hand-picked a range of tried-and-trusted digital products tailored to fit the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our 3-step process makes it easy to discover your personalized selection of merchants and PERKS!

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    Tell us about yourself by selecting your business persona from the list below.

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    We put together a customized selection of digital products designed to fit the specific needs of your business... everything you need, and nothing you don't.

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    You didn't think we'd let you walk away without some PERKS! We work closely with our trusted selection of merchants to offer you great savings on every solution you need.
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    Visit our comprehensive digital marketplace.

    We search high and low for the most functional, powerful, and trusted small business solutions available, from accounting to e-commerce to team communications to marketing automation. Visit our full marketplace now and check out our current offers!

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    Do you already have digital products you swear by — but are looking to fill the gaps in other areas of your business? Simply select the categories you’re interested in and you can access our curated menus of recommended merchants and PERKS. Yes, it’s just that simple.

    PERKSONA is perfect for professionals

    Are you a professional?

    If your small business fits into one of the categories below, professional may be your perfect persona!

    • Accredited business communicator
    • Certified financial planner
    • Certified payroll professional
    • Certified public accountant
    • Certified supply chain professional
    • Financial risk manager
    • Lawyer/attorney
    • Notary public
    • Professional engineer
    • Professional geologist
    • Professional land surveyor
    • Professional planner
    • Registered architect
    • Registered paralegal
    • Structural engineer
    • ...and many more
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